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Friday, August 26, 2005

All please rise ..

I've been reviewing c64 demos for diskmags since 1991, at first for the legendary Sh0ck, and later for other mags such as The Pulse, Driven and Scene+. I also have written a number of articles for the scene portal. And while I may continue doing that, it's time for the next step: a blog entirely dedicated to my rantings on new releases. 'New' being the important word here: I'll try my best to have a review of a demo written within the shortest time possible after it's released.

What I will not try to do though is review everything. A lot of the stuff today is just plain crap and doesn't deserve my time watching it, let alone writing about it. Instead I'll concentrate on the so-called 'gems': demos that, on a scale of 1 to 10, would score an 8 (Good), 9 (Excellent) or a 10 (Magnificent).

Since there aren't too many gems being made these days (only 5 last year!) I'll also give some attention to those scoring a little lower (6 or 7), because as I found out during all those years, a lot of people don't really share my taste in demos, and may feel that what I think is just decent, is in fact the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Way too many commas in that last sentence.

If a demo scores 5 or lower most of the time I will only mention it just to make sure people know I've actually seen it, in an 'also released' list. Right now I'm still doubting whether I'll publish the scores of such demos as well, or just leave it out. After all, nobody likes being told that their work only deserves a 3 out of 10. Still I guess I will piss people off, but then again, I've been doing so for many years with my reviews. Since 1991, to be precise ..

I am the Dark Judge, and this is my Court.


At 17:09, Anonymous Merman said...

Just one thought - maybe you could make the scores a little more visible? I had to scroll back and forth to even notice that the new Fairlight demo got an 8...

At 19:17, Blogger The Dark Judge said...

Ok, made some changes, see if you like this one better ..


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