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Friday, August 26, 2005

"Forgotten Bytes" by Science 451

Forgotten Bytes
Science 451
score: 4/10

This is the second demo by Science 451 since 'they' (actually just one person, H.O.) returned, and like its predecessor it contains rasters, lots and lots of rasters. But where 'Sixteen years of silence' at least possessed a certain charm, this one is just plain old-fashioned, nothing more. No wonder, since two of the parts, as well as the intro, were coded in 1988, and the only new part was created in the same vein. Unfortunately it makes for a very bland demo, with no redeeming features apart from the classic tunes.


At 09:22, Blogger Clarence said...

Hey, Marco! Good luck with your new blog. You now got a regular reader. :)

At 12:50, Blogger H.O / S451 said...

Strangely enough, I partly agree with the criticism. Forgotten bytes is what the name implies; some data that had been forgotten over time, and I needed to get it off my discs before I felt I could proceed with anything else.

With that said, I am not entirerly convinced that the next demo will be better; I just know it will be different from this.

While assuming 6510-assembler has its charms, it is also time consuming and I still havent relearnt all tricks that I picked up back during the eighties.

At 14:58, Anonymous Style/Chrome said...

No offense to HO, but I find it gratifying that people can post negative comments about releases these days..... a few years ago *everything* was 'just great!'.

Personally I love old-school stuff, but this demo is definitely not state of the art.

At 18:55, Blogger Fancy / S451 said...

Wow, this is really interesting. I never thought my old demos are still around these days. Maybe I should offer some insight about my person and what happend those times.

I was a typical coder interested in doing all kind of raster effects (I disassembled all kind of intersting demos and learnt quite a lot of it (like most other people that time)) and made my own implementations. I joined S451 during the beginning of my education as a office worker and didn't had much to left to do anything spectacular (which may have helped me not getting busted as others have been). During that time I lost complete interest in doing stuff on the C64, the amiga was never a territorium for me and I started programming with multiplan marcos (very lame I know), dbase IV/clipper/pascal. The only things I did for S451 has been some nice intros (cannot remember them have to install a c64 emulator (yes, I don't have one on my pc)?.

These days I am more into OpenGL/C++ land, writing 3d computer graphic/virtual reality software for automotive companies.

Somebody of you know what happened to rygar ? If I remember right, he was the only other person of s451 I had contact with.


Matthias (ex Fancy of S451)

At 18:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I AM RYGAR :) msn+email

how's it going "fancy" he he


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