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Friday, August 26, 2005

"Irrational" by Chorus

score: 6/10

First things first: Demode 2 this is not. Instead it looks more like "Demode 50%" or "Demode - the leftover parts", with code & graphics that just weren't good enough for last years' surprise hit. That doesn't mean it's a bad demo though, and how could it be? the Hungarian super-duo of Clarence & Leon are masters of their craft, and with 'regular guest musicians' Drax & Fanta on board again, there's just way too much talent involved.

A lot of attention has been paid to smoothen up the design with small effects adding to the overall style. It even reminded me a bit of the first 2 demos WWE released last year - only of a much higher quality ofcourse. Unfortunately most of the main effects are of the 'seen before' variety, with only the last part making a more original impression.

In the end this demo is somewhat forgettable: 10 minutes after I checked it for the first time I had trouble remembering what I just saw. And while this was more than enough for winning a small party like Arok there is no doubt in my mind that this wouldn't have stood a chance at a bigger event like, for example, LCP (which took place a week earlier). So let's hope that when the day comes that Chorus faces some real competition, they'll step up to the plate and again show us what they really are capable of.


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